8 Effective Ways to make money through Pinterest

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Are you someone who spends most of your time scrolling on Pinterest? 

If yes, then you are at the right place.

In this post I will introduce you with different ways by which you can generate income just by using Pinterest effectively.

Yes, that’s true. 

People are already generating massive income through Pinterest.

Let’s find out all the possible ways by which you can make money using Pinterest.

First, if you have a Pinterest personal account then immediately transform it into a Pinterest business account. 

You might be thinking why I am saying this.

This is because the Pinterest business account has a lot more features than the Pinterest personal account. You can track your analytics, pins , boards etc. Business account is free and easy to use and you can easily convert it into a business account by just a single click.

Let’s proceed further with the steps.

1. Bring traffic to blog

Driving traffic to blogs is one of the key reasons why people are using Pinterest.

You probably have seen there is mostly a link attached with pins. When you click on pins you directly get landed on the site link to it.

Pinterest is a game changer for beginners especially who are feeling overwhelmed with high competition on Google.

Why Pinterest and not any other social media platform?

Many people often misunderstood Pinterest with a social media platform.

Pinterest is not just a social media platform but is like a small search engine where people often go in search for their queries.

You can even search for the keywords which people are already searching unlike any other social media platform . This clearly makes it stand out from the crowd.

Pinterest is one of the most underrated platforms and it’s probably because of less awareness or maybe because people don’t know how to utilise it strategically.

Well, after trying several platforms  I came to the conclusion that Pinterest is the one I can trust completely for the blog traffic.

It is the one that gives me hope to make money.

Set up your Blog

After setting up your Pinterest account, our next step is to have a personal blog.

You may ask what a blog is.

So, a blog in a layman term is a personal space on the web where you can write on the topic you want. A blog seems like a personal diary. 


But you might be surprised to know that it’s more than that. It’s not just about adding content to your Blog.

Read: Why should you start a blog?

 A blog is more like a small business with little and close to zero investment. Nowadays, it’s pretty simple to have a blog.

If you don’t have your blog then you can launch it right now.

Start your Blog with little effort.

Let me give you some insights into setting up your Blog.

In order to have your Blog, you need to have a  hosting and domain so that you can have your self hosted blog. 

Free blogs are also available, but since you care here in the hope to earn some money, self-hosted is the most recommended platform.

Now, which platform to use for building your Blog?

Well, you can trust me in this that most of the successful bloggers who earn $10000 per month host their sites on wordpress.

Now you have the vision to create a blog on a self-hosted wordpress blog.

Let’s move to set up hosting and domain.

Since you are new to blogging and want the best and most trusted platform, my recommendation is Bluehost.

You will be amazed to know that most of the top bloggers are using Bluehost and officially, wordpress has also recommended it to be the best hosting platform.

The best part of Bluehost is you get a free domain name with the hosting purchase, which is a cool feature of Bluehost.

If you find any problems in setting up your Blog, then Bluehost team is there for you to assist.

 What next.?

2.Pinterest VA 

Becoming Pinterest VA is another best way to make money through Pinterest. If you are comfortable enough and can handle Pinterest account, then Becoming a Pinterest assistant is one of the best options to look for.

Pinterest VA is a website where you can sign up to become a paid Pinterest Virtual assistant. This means Pinterest account holders will pay you for managing their accounts. 

Your responsibility would be pretty straightforward, like creating pins, scheduling content to Pinterest, and analyzing it for account growth.

How much does Pinterest VA make?

As a beginner, after you enroll in their Pinterest VA course where they taught everything regarding how to become Pinterest VA. 

You can make good money around $1000- $2000 for one or two months of taking courses. 

What you need is a client to work for.

 If you are financially capable of taking the course, then you should move forward to take a chance. You can earn a fair amount of money with less effort.

How can I become a Pinterest manager?

  • Learn everything about Pinterest and its automation tool, Tailwind. 
  • Please create your brand on Pinterest to showcase your client.
  • Learn some basics for designing and lettering on Canva
  • Get some clients.
  • Learn how to run Pinterest ads.
  • Keep learning and practicing.

3. Affiliate marketing

Pinterest is one of the best platforms where you can do effective affiliate marketing without any investment.

Earlier Pinterest had banned putting affiliate links on pinterest due to spam but now as they improved their platform, now we are allowed to put links with some care.

How do affiliate marketers make money on Pinterest?

Steps to make money on pinterest

Sign up for the affiliate program you want to promote

Create attractive pin using canva or picmonkey

start strategically pinning.

There are mainly three ways by which marketers promote their affiliate products on pinterest-

#1 Adding affiliate links to your pins

This is a pretty simple method where you need to create beautiful pins around your affiliate products.

Make sure to choose the products that are on high demand on pinterest. It can be related to popular niches like parenting, health, beauty, food , styling, design , fashion, etc.


Another desired way of using affiliates on pinterest is to drive traffic to the affiliate post. 

 Everything would be same but this time you just need to send all the traffic to our blog post where people would decide where

What you need to do is create 5-10 pins around that product and schedule is on the most desired board using Tailwind. By the way Tailwind is a best pin scheduler for pinterest and is one of the most efficient tools that goes really well with pinterest.

4. Sell your creativity

If you already know Pinterest and the type of content being posted on Pinterest, then you might know the opportunities lie for the creative people.

Pinterest is an excellent marketplace for those who are in designing, creating graphics, illustrations, and whatsoever. You can sell it directly on Pinterest.

There are millions of people on Pinterest ready to purchase your product.

5. Promote your Services

Pinterest is one of the best platforms where you can sell your services. It is quite easier for your product to get visible to thousands of people.

You just need to use your Pinterest platform strategically.

You may probably provide certain services like interior designing, and creative writing etc, then make a best use of pinterest by creating your own content for self promotion.

6. Teach Pinterest Marketing strategies

Online courses are quite popular, especially after the outbreak of COVID -19 ,there is a massive demand for online courses.

Especially for online marketers, there is a huge rush and demand. Every business wants their visibility, and if there is a platform like Pinterest, why do we choose any second option?

Pinterest marketing is in huge demand, and very few people know about it, its strategies, and how to scale businesses through Pinterest.

You can fill the gap and can create a course to teach those who are in need.

7. Designing services

Pinterest is all about designs,beautiful pins and hence designing services is one of the ideal assistance you can provide on Pinterest.

If you already have some professional designing skills or can create designs, then this is the right platform for you to showcase your talent and also monetize it.

For that, the best way is that you can create your portfolio site and promote it on Pinterest through Pins. Not only that, but there is also a higher chance of getting your first client on Pinterest.

8. Sell stock photos

Are you a photographer? Or you love capturing moments?

Then selling stock photos is one of the business ideas which you can look into.

If you have a talent for capturing amazing images for photos, then why not you sell it on Pinterest.

You may get your first sell on Pinterest. Don’t forget to add your watermark before publishing on Pinterest.

The next thing you can do is join some of the stock photo agencies that can purchase your photos and sell them to their clients.

9. Sell the Pinterest pin template.

You are on Pinterest; then, it is obvious that all the marketers and bloggers need Pinterest pins for their business purposes.

But the thing is, it is quite hectic to create pins on a daily basis, especially if you don’t have lots of things to do.

If you can create or learn to create beautiful pin designs then this is a great way to generate income by creating customizable Pinterest pins.

There are hundreds of bloggers who are already selling customizable pins on pinterest.

The best way to do is create landing page and sell your pins from there.

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